Singular Expression (Imbuing into a Living Body)

A singular expression essentially mimics the properties and functions of an imbued item. The process of creating such an item instead transforms the creator (Expressionist), imbuing them instead. The capabilities granted are “Affixed” directly with appropriate elements of Ritual, Ceremony, and Meditation to the physical body of the Expressionist, and can be seen as part of their Aura. If the aura alteration representing the Expression is somehow destroyed or taken, or their physical body is destroyed, the character loses all related capabilities. A character can only benefit once from a specific Singular Expression once. The process whereby this happens varies by Aptitude:

  • Occult = Singular Incantation
  • Divine = Singular Litany
  • Psychic = Singular Insights
  • Kinetic = Singular Regimen

The source materials of the Expression are referenced and empowered through written records. Such materials, especially those using advanced formulae and spells in the Magic Traditions using inscribed materials often employ Elderune as a cipher or basis for mystic texts. Other manifestation of the source materials other than a Grimoire or its like, are Spirit Visitation, Dream Quest, or Meditative Actualizing. They impart visions and insights that allow the Expressionist to intuit what might require massive backgrounds of mystic knowledge and processes that take years to understand.


i20™ Details

i20 [specific] Requirements:

iCore iCore™ Details

iCore [specific] Requirements:


Instead of a wand, you find a Singular Incantation that brings the power to create and shape cold, snow and ice. It behaves as if you had the item of power in question.

Learning: understand language/mode of communication of the manifestation, DC __ Intelligence (Arcana or Religion; must have one or the other). = calls on manifestation to
“Affix” the power.
Cost =
Time =

Priming: Each Long Rest, the character must spend several moments in Meditative focus refamiliarizing themselves with the experience of ingesting the related power. If fail, must be affixed again Practice/recite the specific …
Cost =
Time =