The Kineticist

The kineticist is focussed on the kientic world, and the kinetic pillar of The Pattern.

Kinetic Affinity

Fray Lores: Using Kinetic Affinity a character can tap into their Essence in order to learn techniques of fighting which make it difficult to recover. The techniques for each are different Fray Lores. By spending a point of Essence when a character enters the fray of combat they attune themselves to the violence of action and flow with that violence. The character’s attacks of the type they choose at the start all are open to (before an attack check is made) switching the character’s proficiency bonus from an Attack bonus to a Damage bonus. Target’s damaged while the bonus is switched to damage suffer a -1 on any death saving throw on any blow that lands successfully, any 2’s being considered a natural 1. This must be done with a weapon, object, or natural weapon the character is wielding.
Crush: Bludgeoning weapons/damage
Gash: Slashing weapons/damage
Impale: Piercing weapons/damage
Tumult: Force/Thunder/Lightning
– A character with the Monk’s Martial Arts power or Brawler feat can change their normal natural weapons damage type to one of the Tumult types that they have Lore in.

Kinetic Aptitude