Kinetic Affinity

Kinetic Affinity represents a certain predisposition to follow related threads of The Pattern related to Kinetic Aptitude.

Outlook: [This indicates the emphasis the character will use on addressing issues/problem solving and accumulating power using associated capabilities that rely on the aptitude of this measure.] The more affinity a character possesses, the greater the propensity to leverage related capabilities/powers over other aptitude’s powers. Ex: A character with high kinetic affinity will examine the options for physical power based solutions first in any given situation (e.g. kicking in a door as opposed to using a spell to open it).

Kinetic Affinity is directly tied to Kinetic Aptitude.
CP: (if used)
Story: Like all features, GM fiat/story can also grant some or all measures.

D20 Enhanced Kinetic Affinity

This content is part of the i20™ Variant for the d20 System™.

The character receives a bonus to a skill based on an Ability saving throw the character is proficient in, chosen at the time the aptitude was acquired. The character also gains Chi (essentially Kinetic Anima). In both cases, the bonus is equal to their measures of Kinetic Aptitude.

Incarna Core Kinetic Affinity