Mindfulness Exploration (Primer)

An object to be meditated upon, or a recorded work of instruction.

Introductory text to enable the non indoctrinated to learn and understand the basics of a divine process or power. This may consist of any manner of recorded (digital, physical, etc.) works of instruction (words, pictures, etc.) which tell a story of a achieving understanding through a vision or Meditation to unlock their kinetic potential. It must be in a form that can be understood (ex: the written version of a language) by the reader/observer. Actually gaining any benefits assumes the character has the basic requirements to wield such power. This is one source of the Mystic Tradition of Awakening the Spark.

SIGNIFICANT EXPERIENCE: Reference works and basic exposure alone may only provide the foundation for gaining a [mechanics based] advantage. To reflect the practice and experience to gain that benefit consistently, typically requires a cost in Character Points.

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