Numinous Bond

A Numinous Bond reflects an entity bonding with a (Quintessential) Numinous Presence by way of a permanent mingling of Essence of The Deep Aether. Once merged, the transformed entity can be seen with Aura Sight. If ever the Mote is killed or removed in some way, the costs are still permanent, all effects are immediately lost, and the character will suffer temporary Deluded Thoughts and possibly worse. A bond of this type is often the starting path as a fulcrum for Transcendence.

Type: Divine

Common Requirements: The Preeminent Presence must be either Material or Aethereal. The Game Master, Setting, and/or story elements will determine what is relevant and/or appropriate. To communicate with the Numinous entity, they use a form of Primiliate; This is needed as part of the normal Ritual of Drawing Primordial to summon the entity and perform the bonding.

Common Costs: Sacrifice 1 Essence for the Bond. Measures of the bond require CP at Significant Cost. The character will take on physical characteristics reflecting the bonded mote (i.e. hair, skin, eye color, shadow shape, a halo or shadow crown, a glow, facial feature minor changes, etc.)

Common Effects: After the equivalent of a year, the character will gain 2 Essence as their presence in The Pattern grows stronger. This type of bond diffuses any sort of destructive impacts, reducing the damage done by any single instance or effect by 1 overall. Their own passions and motivation are tempered by the natural world around them, imposing a -1 to Initiative. Each measure may grant additional effects:

  • Conveyance: The character learns 1 additional language (spoken only) at fluent level.
  • Connection: The character has access to the shared consciousness of the aethereal world. Each measure grants the character gains an additional Lore (at Common Knowledge Learning Level).
  • Distracted: The character is less engaged in active perception of the world around them.
  • Injurious Aspect: The character is in tune with primordial forces from within The Pattern.
  • Wellspring: All anima reservoirs possessed by the character gain +1.

i20™ Numinous Bond Details

i20 [specific] Requirements: / Cost CP as Significant Cost

Transformed: The character will detect and show in the aura as Elemental in spells and effects which detect evil/good or locate creatures, etc.

Distracted: Each measure imposes a -1 on all types of Perception checks.

Injurious Aspect: Each measure allows the character to choose one of the Elemental damage types and any effect in which they inflict such damage, it does +1 overall damage; Each damage type may only be chosen once.

iCore iCore™ Numinous Bond Details

Attribute 1: None | Attribute 2: None

iCore [specific] Requirements: / Cost _ CP/_ Essence

iCore Text

Specific Manifestations

  • Behavior: The character is less focused on the intense actions and motivations around them, instead more appreciative of natural beauty and wonderment. They may seem more distracted, and more prone to spending time outdoors or remarking on architectural elements.
  • Physical/Visage: The character’s colors become more vivid and varied – eye, hair/fur, etc.
Having trouble thinking how this might play out after reading this? Check out the Players Roleplaying Guidance or ask the Game Master how it is best expressed in the setting.