The Follower

Gifts: Channeling Divinity

Gifts are powers granted only to followers directly by the deity, used by the Channel Divinity power. They are petitioned for in acts of supplication part of the journey of faith. They may conviction in order to petition for and use. A gift may mimic any other faith power, trait, ability, magical or other power.

Gift Powers

Finding Faith

Learning Powers

Learning Gifts for Channel Divinity

The follower spends time in supplication equal to [gift’s min. conviction] x 1 week in worship petitioning their deity for the power to use the gift, after which they
make a Wisdom check which will indicate if the deity grants the gift. If the deity does not grant the gift, the follower cannot petition for it again until they increase their conviction, Wisdom, or achieved a higher Rite of Passage or higher Rank within the faith.