d20 Class Changes

Steel Realms

Bound by Duty: Certain classes are bound by duty. This means they have strict observances in their outlook and training – this usually means a code of conduct and other limitations around them. The knowledge around their classes is simply not given out to anyone. Such characters will not have a choice when their Patron or organizations come calling upon them – they may be forced to leave a party, align themselves against it, or report its doings to other powers.

Core Class Steel Realms Change
d20 Barbarian Steel Realms Barbarians are limited by race & place
d20 Bard Steel Realms Bards are vary by race & place
A [true] Bard is a sacred calling and Bound by Duty to the High King and to the world itself. Bards serve as heralds, news gatherers and bringers, dispute settlers, legal advocates for the common folk and entertainers. They have their Academies at the Hall of Heroes, Malorian Collegia (Bardic School/Tradition).

  • No Ritual Casting
d20 Cleric Steel Realms Clerics vary by race & place
d20 Druid Steel Realms Druids are limited by race; Druid is a calling and is Bound by Duty.
Only the Order of Davros learns to be the Circle of the Moon. More…
d20 Fighter Limited by race & place
d20 Monk Limited by race & place
There is no Monk available for PCs except the simple (1st level) teachings of The Bronzemen or the Ghosts of Conscience of Aerna. Only the Orrish train in the Way of the Shadow, though a renegade Half Orc could work.
d20 Paladin Steel Realms Paladins are limited by race & place; The Paladin uses Wisdom, not Charisma and their magical abilities are Divine in nature (they must choose a deity).
d20 Ranger Steel Realms Rangers are limited by race & place Unearthed Arcana rules
A Ranger is a sacred calling and Bound by Duty…
d20 Rogue Steel Realms Rogues are limited by race & place
d20 Sorcerer Steel Realms Sorcrers are Not Available
These art are long lost to the realms and their ways mostly forgotten.
d20 Warlock Limited by race & place
Warlocks are Bound by Duty to their Patron and owe them everything.
d20 Wizard Steel Realms Wizards are limited by race & place
Realm's Aptitude Powers: Divine, Occult, and Psychic