Elancil, goddess of the Steel Realms

Steel Realms

This deity has affirmed participation in The Godspeak Accord. Elancil has never supported the Oath of the Day Watch.

Principal Aspect(s) Known For

Chaos: High priests of Elancil use Entrophy as part of their Rites to forever imprint her most sacred and powerful Sigil upon special followers.

Followers of the Faith

For for information on Roleplaying a character of faith, see the Divine Follower guidelines.

Avatar Manifestation

Favored Avatar: a mess of curly long rainbow hair, yellow eyes, smells like salt air, crash of waves in the distance; predator; keeps a long dagger at her side and kelp whip

The Eight Annunciators

According to the most ancient texts, there were 8 spirits that served the storm queen, that she gathered to her when she first came to the world of Helca to protect herself. These spirits were said to manifest an aspect of the storm, and be her first line of defense against powerful creatures from other worlds and the armies of those who would seek to destroy her. These eight spirits have been mostly written out of the histories of Gwinn and are found only in texts on the mainland. Those who venerate her as the Queen of Storms and other natural aspects are still said to have preserved shrines to these 8 spirits, who are her heralds on Helca. These spirits are mostly gone though from the faith of the realms. Their names are forgotten, and they are only known by the symbols that always were associated with them. They were said to oppose the Vannuun – the forgotten wind spirits of The Lords of Bronze.

  1. Waves – the sea
  2. Rain
  3. Clouds – Clouds, Mist and Fog
  4. Lightning
  5. Thunder
  6. Cold
  7. Wind
  8. The Eye of the Storm – Duality, chaos, insanity; Said to be the leader of the Annunciators of the Storm.

Ancient Litany

Elancil was once a goddess venerated far and wide. When the Sea king Empire was laid low, she took on a darker aspect, more erratic and gruesome. Previously, the strength of the Sea kings was due to her pitiless demeanor – her abhorrence of weakness created a strong empire. At the core of the empire was the ancient litany. It is seldom heard outside of Gwinn these days, and it is said only the most militaristic of the Gwinnish nobles still adhere to speaking it at her mass. It is often referred to as The Creed of the Merciless Sea

Tides will bring good fortune and bad
it is hers to know when and where
There will be days of bounty,
and others when the nets are empty.
The sea is the strongest of all things,
inevitable, swallowing, always hungry
The sea-mothers ire is fierce like a hurricane
just as her gentleness is like the calm of days
Those who prove their strength to her
will be guarded by the unending strength of her
her gaze goes where all water goes,
her breath brings wind, mist, and fog wherever all water goes
appease her not, and she will breath down your neck and your tears will be of salt
offer to her what the mother is due and her arms will protect you
but never ask for mercy,
your strength in her eyes is what you can hold

Realm's Aptitude Powers: Divine, Occult, and Psychic