Connexion should be bond based not conviction. Channel divinity elementary for divine
What one may do, so can another
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stongest with higher order entities – divine and psychic pact often form the only measurable over occult and kinetic because of the nature of the bond and power of higher order beings.

Divine Ties

Any measure of Conviction grants the ability to use the ties of faith to reach out and sense and/or channel the influence of the divine. A character may be able to use skills and senses to feel the power of great enemies of the faith, or to enact ritual/ceremonial prayers and observances that may channel power or influence of their faith. This is typically very mundane – such as the banishment of bad dreams, strength in the face of fearing enemies of the faith, etc.
The GM/Story will determine what is relevant and/or appropriate.

The power of a divine Principle can be invoked by Connexion, to make a pronouncement of Weal or Woe, a Blessing or Onus, vision/dream revelation, a direct counter to a similar (minor) manifestation of an opposed faith, or even a pronunciation of Agenthood in extreme circumstances.

Incarna d20™ CONNEXION Details/Mechanics

This content is part of the i20™ Variant for the d20 System™.

d20 [specific] Requirements: Divine Aptitude 1 OR 5 [Divine] Allotted Essence.

CONNEXION: Used through a Wisdom (Religion skill [proficiency required]) check.

Only a cleric with Channel Divinity or character that can cast Augury can perform a The Sojourn Auspice at the start of a venture.

iCore CONNEXION Details/Mechanics

<3>The Sojourn Auspice

The GM adjudicates if the Observance is warranted or not. Signs and portents for originating a quest, adventure, sojourn into a major situation or area for the faith. The Observance will result in a pronunciation of Weal or Woe for the character. The divine Connexion may target one of the Congregation or Flock of the priest instead, though if the pronouncement is negative, the cost is paid by the one making the Observance. It may be combined with an Offering of Pilgrimage.