Holy Symbols

A Holy Symbol is a type of Focus Point Item used in Divine castings for Low Art capabilities. The assumption of an institutional Holy Symbol may also be the equivalent of a Prestige Marker in perception. Unified Pantheons often have their own Holy Symbol using Shared Consecration in addition to each Principal member’s.

Lesser Holy Symbol

This is the standard item of faith that is used in adjuring powers of faith. It should be assumed that all characters have one that was made for them, or they created at Character Inception. Lost ones will automatically be replaced with access to the right mystic essentials or through an institution.

Shared Consecration: A lesser Holy Symbol can be used by ANY member of the same faith (such as in the case of a Unified Pantheons). They are generic, and are not imbued with divine power the same as greater ones. A character need only expend 1 Essence to Attune to the Shared Consecration effect itself and does not have to Attune to a new holy lesser symbol of this type – the single essence works for all, forever.

i20™ Lesser Holy Symbol Details

Lesser Attunement (1 Essence)

Bless +1; an average of +3 on d4 Bless bonus.

Greater Attunement (2 Essence)

Bless +4; an average of +4 on d4 Bless bonus.

Superor Attunement (3 Essence)

Bless Always +4 on a Bless bonus, regardless of circumstance.

iCore iCore™ Greater Holy Symbol Details

Greater Holy Symbol

The greater holy symbols are made of sacred materials, by favored crafters, and for specific followers. They are all unique, and only function for the follower they were made for. Items may also aid with the use of Connexion.

i20™ Greater Holy Symbol Details

  1. Common: +0
  2. Uncommon: +1
  3. Scarce: +2
  4. Rare: +3
  5. Unique: +4

iCore iCore™ Lesser Holy Symbol Details