Rastillion’s Diabolique

Steel Realms

There are several well known treatises which comprise, collectively, the collection of books refereed to as Rastilion’s Diabolique. Rastilion was a disciple of Ezrilus and master sorcerer of part elven descent. In 3610 he began production a comprehensive list of grimoires known to be the most malevolent in nature – containing knowledge from the dark places of the soul, the embodiment of evil. He lived for ages, and his fate is unknown. What is known is that around 3940 the first mention of the “collection” began to appear in occult and divine sources. He divided the works into two sets – the Malificent Minorus (lesser works) and the Vile Majorus (more powerful works). These he researched, coming across the actual works, copies, partial transcriptions and rumors to produce a reference work. It is said that knowledge of the catalogue itself is said to be part of the standard occult teachings – the intent was to provide a magus with a simple reference work to help identify found magical texts and avoid the more negative aspects of the works to prevent the influence of the malignant tomes words and powers. In reality is serves more as a a road map to the byways of oblivion for most. Like a shopping list, those seeking power seek each and every item, fragments, or pieces to gain just a flicker of the total power Rastilion hints at.

Tomes of the Collection