Focal Point

A place wherein a character has given an extensive examination to and are closely bound to. It is the “place” equivalent of a item’s Focus Point. They know it like the back of their hand. By definition, these places are not overly large. This would require massive resources of senses and memory. The chamber, be it engineered or natural, allows for a character to immediately envision, with perfect accuracy, the place in relation to the accuracy of powers or effects which transport effects, people and/or items to and from it. It would be considered the equivalent of perfect Feng Shui. A Focal Point which is to function as a safe harbor for a character would need to be hidden from others and its existence best kept secret.

Attuning to a Focal Point:
Multiple? Max #?

Alteration of a Focal Point:

  • Destruction:
  • Corruption:

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Lair vs. Focal Point