Institutions and Organizations of the Faithful

Institutions of faith organize Followers, channel assistance into a community, amplify the glory and majesty of Principal and the faith in general. The wielding/use of a well recognized institution’s Divine Item may also be the equivalent of a Prestige Marker in perception. Holy Symbols are both a conduit to the Principal they represent, a recognizable symbol on which to draw attention, and a symbol indicating that one needs only true conviction and all else good will come (“the faith provides all I need”). Empowered divine places, divine institutions (having their own Tenets), and divine individuals often share a Binding using Sigilry. Associated items most often use a Bond of Attunement.


The Tithe is an important part of the success of the institution.


Institutions are typically organized into an official clergy. These are offices and ranks within the organization that administer but temporal affairs and spiritual ones. The progressively higher the order, the more authority they wield and the more weight their word is given. Nominally, the life of the clergy is one of sacrifice – one forgoes personal glory, wealth, and renown and shifts all of their accomplishments and successes to the name of the institution.