The Knowing (Identifying – Rituals of Knowing)

As with all Major Rituals of Knowing, the object or target of the ritual must be in physical contact with the ritualist; part of the ritual is to handle, examine, and the ritualist must be able to envision the three dimensional aspects of the object. Typically, the ritual involves the pressing of the object the face or head of the ritualist – lifting forth knowledge of the target’s composition and placing it in their mind.

Simple Identification

Identifying Mundane Items

Crafter markings, cultural reflection, ornamentation, and even written elements can help identify the source and potentially the crafter of mundane items.

Identifying Dweomers and Auras

Items which are not mundane can initially be detected as so through a variety of common means (unless their aura hides it from such). In all cases, the attempt to identify the underlying dweomers and auras require that the item be touched by the character seeking the information.

Items with Charges: Uses 1 charge (if the item can be destroyed by running out of charges, that check will have to be made); If there are any curses or hexes on it, it will get triggered and applied to the object or person performing the task. An item must be Attuned to the character doing the identifying to unlock information, it must then be broken and re-established by the owner. The advantage to belonging to an institution is that this is done at a reduced cost or as a service for members in good standing; triggers any attunement effect (Attunes the item; -1 Essence until a daily cycle + more if needs to be broken to pass to another character). Each property of the item must be discovered using a means of Discerning The Weave/Pattern. – Missing a check does not reveal that anything was missed, its just not perceived.

Incarna d20 The Knowing Details/Mechanics

This content is part of the Incarna d20 Variant changes are for the d20 System™.

d20 [specific] Requirements: Occult, Divine, or Psychic Aptitude 1 OR Allotted Essence.

Simple Identification [d20]

In general, conforms to the use of the Identify spell with the following changes:

  1. Casting Time: 1 Hour – Discerning The Weave/Pattern must be Ritualized; Experimentation is also needed.
  2. A battle of wills with a Sentient item can be automatically ended if the Identify Ritual is cast within a Magic Circle. This prevents the discovery of powers gained by attuning the item and the Attunement itself with the caster is broken.
  3. The process requires a 25% Cost Portion as a suggested _Baseline_ in materials, or a DC 12 Intelligence (Arcana or Religion) per property.
  4. Only one attempt can be made on a specific item property per Short Rest.
  5. A forced [quick] breaking of Attunement can be done by casting Dispel Magic on the item, while within a Circle of Protection as part of the Ritual.

iCore The Knowing Details/Mechanics