Trivial Servants Bargain

Patron’s Commitment: Entities operating with lesser pacts have no interest in preserving or investing in those willing to trade service for power on a transactional level. Each is using the other as a means to and end without concern for the long range impact on the other.

Sworn and Beholden

Unless contravened by specific pact protocols, follow the general Bargainer’s Protocols.

Open Availings: The Patron may have a consistent Offering value to perform Rituals that look for Omens and Portent. The Patron has no influence themselves over the reading, only providing the gateway to tap into The Pattern to look for Signs.

Common Rewards: Often, a Patron may grant a Omen or Portent.

i20™ Details

i20 [specific] Requirements:

iCore iCore™ Details

iCore [specific] Requirements:

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