Bargainer’s Protocols (general)

@RP Impact:

The Trivial, Lesser and Greater Servant’s Bargains may alter these general guidelines.

General Expectations: Do not drag the Patron’s name or reputation into unwanted attention. Observe the Signs through which the Patron will communicate to you. Accept without question, the fortunes of requested Omens and Portents.

General Prohibitions: Do not work against the general interests of the Patron. Do not intervene in any affairs and tasks of the patron or their other servants if they are known – step aside if need be.

Sealing the Bargain

Typically, a the sealing of the bargain is done with an offering. In order to avoid drastic loss of Essence, typically the bargainer will perform a Blood and Souls offering. [Essence] What are the initial terms? An initial Offering/Appeasement… is there a signifying event, mark, or outcome? Is there any taint of corruption?
Must the requester observe Patron’s Traditions?
Are there continuing terms/requirements?


(incompatible entities granting it)

Breaking the Accord

Are there any Transgression/Atonement provisions? Self Atonement, intermediary, or Offering?
What if the character actively works against the Grantor? If ever they break from their patron, are their powers lost and in order to regain them, they must find a new one?
Can it be upgraded?
Can it be abandoned?
Can it be revoked? But the entity would not have petitioners if it were known. Essence returned if power taken back by granter = Essence spent +1; This is not in the Principals best interest.

Role-Play ++

This presents a good opportunity for adding Roleplaying elements to the Character.

Story Hook ++

This presents a good opportunity for adding Character Story elements to the Character.