Trigger of Psychic Reprisal

All positive energies can be enjoined against the moment of material negation. Each energy produces some different effect, but is intrinsic to its nature. As the actual precipice of death is crossed, a material body may draw upon its anima energy to burst forth, in an act of reprisal. This is typically harnessed via a talisman of some kind. This talisman must be in contact with the wearer seeking reprisal at the moment of death. The character on whom it is triggered must possess a type of energy pool related to the effect. That pool need not have energy in it at the moment of reprisal. Most use a form of Talisman to accomplish this – that way friends can remove it if they have other solutions to bring to bear. Either by item or by inscription, it is destroyed in the process, and less than 50% of the body will remain. Psychic reprisal uses Mana energy. Then the talisman explodes in reprisal, it fills a 20′ radius with its effects.

i20™ Details

i20 [specific] Requirements:

iCore iCore™ Details

iCore [specific] Requirements:

Offering[/su_permalink] sacrifice of 1 HP from the wearer in a Ritual.” d20-text=”If character suffers a death state for more than 2 rounds (automatic or after 3 failed death saves) the talisman explodes.

Causes d6 psychic + DC 15 Charisma save or blindness and deafness for 3 rounds.” icore-text=””]


Types of Reprisal Triggers