Divine Trinkets

Divine Trinkets are repeatable, commonly created Magical Empowerment items using basic Alchemy which leverage Divine Aptitude. They require such aptitude, and usually an associated Pool of anima energy (Synergy) in order to craft. The production of these items is typically codified and recorded based on experimentation, and repeated in order to create items which are [typically] singularly bound to their intended wielder/wearer. High quality versions of these items may be made by master crafters and may signify and gain the benefits of Prestige Marks. The majority of divine items are singularly bound (via an institutional binding association). Items may also aid with the use of Connexion.

Divine Trinket Forms

The forms many divine trinkets come in are directly reflecting benefits to the community of the faithful and rely on some Conviction or Litany to function, or may be improved/have additional affect by the same. Most forms reflect the symbolism of washing away/cleansing, or consumption/taking in the power of the divine. Almost all forms are consumed in the process of their use – an offering of sorts, reflecting a sacrifice (cost) the follower is willing to pay for their faith.

  • Water
  • Incense
  • Candle

Divine Trinket Manifestation

Some trinkets have a requirement of Conviction. Specifically, the Follower must possess a Conviction associated with the institutional binding of the item. An item may incorporate multiple manifestations to trigger its powers.

A divine item may also have Ire placed upon it – for those attempting to use its functions without the requisite capabilities, it is empowered to harm them in some way.

Universal – Effects can be triggered by anyone. Universal items are those made to demonstrate the power of the divine to everyone. These are the most costly and are rare. Faith relies more on Followers to be this living and active demonstration.

Universal w/Aptitude – Effects can be triggered by anyone with Divine Aptitude. Divine aptitude indicates a certain shifted perspective that allows a character to draw out such power.

Universal w/Synergy – Effects can be triggered by anyone with Synergy anima. Synergy is used to fuel the power of the item.


Conviction w/Synergy

Divine Trinket Mechanics

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Impacted by Attribute: None | Lore(s): None

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Impacted by Attribute 1: None | Attribute 2: None | Lore(s): None

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