Orrish in the Steel Realms

Steel Realms

The ©Players Handbook is the defacto starting point for characters and races of the Steel Realms. The Ork (Orrish) of the Steel Realms correlate to the Orc of DnD.

> Orrish all inherit Tribes like Plagues, Malicious Glee, Ranging Scavengers, and Orrish Crossbreeds

> In addition, each sub type inherits the DnD traits defined in the Monster Manual.


Dark-Worshipers: In addition to the the few who still venerate their ancient patron racial deities, the Orrish all follow the Unholy Trio. The lords of darkness have promised their “children” a special place in the world once the forces of light have been vanquished. the Church of Darkness is the most powerful divine presence among the Orrish.

Love of the Kill: Orrish in the Steel Realms kill not just for food and conquest, but for sport. They raid not to capture or feed, but target prey when not necessary. they often toy with their prey, to entertain themselves.


The Sun-Bane

for their role in siding with the Unholy Trio, the all Orrish have been cursed by the Lords of Light, and are under the effect of the Sun Bane. This applies the Trait: Bane-Sun.