Nakreha – Time of the Tribes

Steel Realms

The story of ancient Nakria – known as The Nakreha – is lost of the myths of the past. There are few places recording the formation of the early tribes, other than to note that they were founded to protect the tribes from an ancient evil, a tale of two species attempting to destroy each other. One was all around the people, the other to the north. In return for not venturing north of the great forest of Ynth (the faerie folk were just a legend, and the population barely measurable) they allied themselves with the Vrunari against their common foe of the Amenyi – the serpent folk. The rise of humans is unknown in terms of ages, but it is estimated to be a hundred thousand years or more. There is little in the way of central record keeping in this time, but piecing together chief, king, and ruler lists roughly dates the time of tribes to the 8000 years previous to the Celestial Epoch.

All that history record of these two races was that the aggressor was the serpent folk, and that the war drove both races to near extinction. The Vrunari left the South Greatlands to the tribes and went north, honoring their agreement. The serpent folk retreated into the dark places – their power broken forever.