The Tradition of Tutelage

Tutelage encompasses a stream of knowledge that can be traced back directly to an original source, and it is well documented. In fact, documentation is its primary means of continuation. It can be from a Primer, collective/Institution, or a master/apprentice tradition.

Requirements: If it is an Oral Tradition, the same spoken language must be shared at a minimum level of Conversational. If tutelage is self-taught via a Primer, the learner must be fluently literate in the language it is written in.


Oral Tradition

Written Tradition

The output of a tutored learning pathway is a Codex (a Spell Book). The Spell Book is how you learn and record spells, not intuitively like a sorcerer or warlock default. The Codex reflects the Occult Primer’s Knowledge Outcome and the tradition/perspective under which they practiced – translating it to something others could use is difficult. Such materials, especially those using advanced formulae and spells in the Magic Traditions using inscribed materials often employ Elderune as a cipher for mystic texts. This prevents the actual reading of the inscriptions from triggering an effect that only a reader with the right Affinity would have. Cursed and/or Hostile items will still operate on a trigger, it’s the perfect deciphering and/or understanding that prevents the reader from evincing any powers/capabilities of the text.