Omens (immediate Signs)

Omens are immediate signsSigns which are connected to immediate surroundings and circumstances. Direct Divine presence or scrutiny can also trigger Omens. The possibility of seeing Omens is only available for those seeking them, or those unconsciously in tune with the message of the omen. Omens are flashes of The Pattern(s) which allow characters to experience in some way the multitude of potential Weaves, beyond their normal, reasoned and expected responses. They present themselves sometimes as strange feelings (Deja vu), dreams, nightmares, and visions or other sensory experiences which present the character with a symbolic and highly interpretable image or feeling. Due to the symbolic and abstract nature of Omens, they are often misunderstood by the intellect, and can only be fathomed using the animistic and intuitive perspective to fully comprehend. Astrological Delving can also be used to have a vision of or trigger a Sign.

Omen Calling

There are several methods for seeking them, but the unconscious awareness requires a character to to pledge 1 essence in some way to hold onto the reflection of The Pattern in the Omen. They may or may not realize they have perceived something important (INT check); and must discover a way to unravel the message of the Omen or find assistance from someone who can. It is usually practiced as a Ritual.

Omen Reading

Failure in Reading an Omen: The character is plagued by doubt and doom; they gain a measure of Bad Luck above any they may have already had from other sources.

Successfully Reading an Omen: The character gains a temporary measure of Leadership – divine guidance which can be used on top of any other Leadership. The character must be able to
explain the Omen to those who may make use of it, and convince them it is divine providence.

Incarna d20™ Omen Details/Mechanics

This content is part of the i20™ Variant for the d20 System™.

One possible outcome is to treat it as the Augury spell.

iCore Omen Details/Mechanics