Careful Learner

A careful learner is driven by physiological patterns or ingrained habit nearly impossible to break, but is not a true disability. Careful learners go slow, are meticulous, precise, take painstaking and accurate assessments, and very cautious. Typically they must analyze all the permutations of a subject and/or before they even take a first step. Anything must be practiced and tested before used in real world circumstances.

D20 Careful Learner

COST/REQ: Characters can only choose to take this trait at the time of Character Creation. It can be acquired by effects or wounds later in the game.
  • Slow Proficiency: Characters have a Proficiency Bonus 1 less than normal.
  • Slow Learner: All learning times are doubled.
  • Well Studied: Starting characters gain a number of Lores (at Rudimentary level/+2) equal to their Proficiency Bonus + Intelligence Bonus (1 + INT bonus).
  • Familiarity with the Spoken and Written form of a number of languages equal to their bonus Lores, at an Accomplished level. This reflects the various sources of study they use in learning.

Incarna Core Careful Learner

Types of Learning Limits

Learning Limits show the upper and lower limits of the speed and quality of the learning process.

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