Natural Occult Talent/Mastery

D20 Occult Talent Mastery

Requirements: Occult Aptitude 4, can only be taken at the time of character creation, Primary Class is one of the Occult Classes, Mana Pool (Trait)
Cost: 1 CP, 2 Essence
They are deeply bound to their Primary Class. Multi-classing minimums are increased to 17 for all other classes.

  • Enhanced Energy Pool: The character begins play with an energy pool without having to pay its extra cost. The aptitude value is doubled for determining the Pool’s initial size. Assume a Natural Talent will have 10 to start with, on average.
  1. They are treated as if they were double their level for determining access to aptitude powers, gaining all aptitude powers by 2nd level.
  2. Reflection: The character’s meditative time at Long Rest for Mana Pool is halved, and they gain their Proficiency Bonus in using it. The character gains a one time bonus of 5 Mana.
  3. Attunement: The character can Attune an additional magic item of occult nature (requiring their occult Primary Class).
  4. Flexible: Extra spell slots from occult aptitude can be up to their proficiency modifier in levels or the highest they can cast normally and 1 can be changed each level.
  5. Occult Alacrity: Readied spells also gets proficiency bonus on Initiative when mana is used to suspend it.
  6. Occult Assistant: Lasts a number of hours equal to their Occult Aptitude.
  7. Aegis Power: Lasts 1 hour, Can cast Mislead (but ends the Aegis).
  8. Occult Luminary: 1/Long Rest can swap out a single Cantrip for another one that the character can use from their Occult Class for 10 mana. If the character has multiple Occult Classes, the benefits of aptitude (Ritualist, Occult Power, and Student of Magic – all specific to the additional class only) apply to all of them.
  9. High Ritualist: The Occultist gets the the Feat: Ritual Magic (must use Wizard if not a wizard as Primary Class) – the character begins play with an empty book. If the character belongs to a class that does not get ritual casting, they can ritually cast spells in their ritual book using 1 Mana per level of the spell being cast.
  10. Affinity: They get to add +1 to the starting value of the Occult Ability used as a spell casting modifier that their Primary Class has proficiency with. The maximum for that rating increases to a max. of 21.

Incarna Core Occult Talent Mastery

If you are having trouble thinking how this might play out after reading this, check out the Players Roleplaying Guidance content.