Aptitude Outlooks

Perspectives are presented to give some ideas about how to roleplay a character for those new to it.
Occult perspectives
Symbol – personal achievement; expression of potential and possibilities
Institution – cause; a philosophical advancement; tangential wielding of magi to widen the vistas of power available to all
Celestine – meditation, more power, accumulation, competition
Personification = simulacrum/clone – creating life

Kinetic perspectives
Symbol – Prowess and power, self aware
Institution – discipline, discovery of the way/the path; open eyes of enlightenment
Celestine = actualization – becoming, see = be; motive force; power perceived is power achieved – no ego
Personification = cyberware; augmentation; gene therapy for “perfect” being

psychic Perspectives
Symbol – I AM
Institution – reality is a chain, removing the fetters, “seeing” the possibilities
Celestine – not much here… “the world outside” – an acknowledgement that no matter the self power, there is some “hidden framework” just out of reach that holds the ultimate key of where the common reality comes from and why must it be the backdrop; “star engines” – what is the ultimate construct of the universe; “star mind”(s)
PErsonification All realities at once, time has no meaning… “certitude”