Dunlupia is the language spoken by the Bronzemen. It is considered a dead language, not spoken by anyone now, not even their descendants in the heartlands. There may be a few scholars, yet they are only guessing.

Dunlupia and Dundarian are loosely related, sharing some of words, and borrowing from elder tongues such as Draconic and Celestial. The written form of Dunlupia is also said to incorporate elemental symbology of Occulash, a runic form of magic; This often makes magical translations of the work difficult – prone to unintentional errors and even magical confusion or backlash.

Written Form

The language did not have a phonetic alphabet, but instead draws on small symbols and characters that combine sounds representing concepts and ideas – similar to a druidic approach. Because the character script was typically very small, the records of the Bronzemen were densely stamped on thin single sided sheets (pages) of bronze. Their most important records were done this way, weighing in at 10-100 pounds each volume. Obviously these weather well compared to paper, or hide.