Faerie in the Steel Realms

Steel Realms

the ©Players Handbook is the defacto starting point for characters and races of the Steel Realms. The Faerie of the Steel Realms correlate to the (Fey) Elves of DnD.

Common Aspects


Elves: Wild (sylvan) and Ynthian

Making Contact

The target will find themselves ‘watched’ by the tiny natural allies of the faeries. They will pointedly stop and stare, unblinking, and the targets pass – it should be obvious if the PC’s are paying attention that something is amiss. The small animals will generally not scurry away unless the targets approach threateningly. Those with Lore: Faerie or any sub race may make an Insight skill check DC 15 to understand the ‘faerie watchers’ are relaying what they see as a prelude to the faeries making contact.