Faerie (Elfin)

In the iVerse, the Faerie are part of the humanoid Faybrin genus. One of the original and oldest races of the cosmos, they are hearty, primitive and adaptive to a high degree.

The Faerie developed alongside and competed with the Faelen (Human blood) and Orrish (Feyrish blood). Clever and lofty, they have transformed themselves through magic animist Sylvan beings, controlling their evolution. Generally, they view their human cousins as simple, and their Orrish cousins as violent, stupid and brutish.

Flora Bound

In general, all faerie communities are extremely tied to the place and natural surroundings where they developed (their ‘Bound Domain’) – they generate a Local Spark which forms and Greater Animus. This gives them a significant advantage in dealing with intruders to that area. The local spark is accentuated or diminished in faerie species throughout the cosmos. In some cases, this trait has progressed into xenophobia and hatred for any outside, in others a incorruptible streak of altruism and self-sacrifice even outside its bounds. A Local Spark can be quite powerful and cover a broad range – hundreds or thousands of miles depending on how expansive and close knit the community is. Many times intense Flora Binding manifests as a both a collective and individual expression. The normal benefits are:

  • For 1 Essence, the bound character is considered to have the Druid ability of Land’s Stride within their Bound Domain for 1 day.

Soul Tree: Tree, hedge, crystal cave – some large mineral or vegetation growth within the Bound Domain which the Flora Bound are tied to. If the individual manifestation is expressed as a Soul Gem, these receptacles containing the spirit of the individual may be placed and the resonance causes the spirit impression to last undiminished, forever. The spirit itself cannot ever move from the place, but can be questioned with the right rites, and even evolves its on memory of the questioning and events around the Soul Tree itself.

  • Those with Soul Gems heal at double the normal rate when within 10m of the Soul Tree

Soul Gem: When the Local Spark is intensified in either direction, it manifests as a crystal or gem stone like growth on the breast bone – a faint twinkling of life essence can be seen within and it is known as a Soul Gem.

  • Soul Longevity: Reincarnation can be achieved up to 1 year after the death.
  • Spirit Longevity: A full ‘copy’ of the character lives within the growth – with all memories up until their death.
  • Mana Sorce
  • Essence Source

Good Flora Bound Intensity



Neutral Flora Bound Intensity



Evil Flora Bound Intensity