Higher Purpose

Cost: EssenceReq/Limit:

Defined Purpose

The character has a stated (defined in 1-2 sentences) primary goal, what they are most motivated to work towards in deed and thought. Their mannerisms, codes and group/institutional bonds MUST reflect this as well – it will be fairly obvious to others. If the character actively moves toward their purpose in the session, they receive rewards at its conclusion. A Higher Purpose can be imposed as a compulsion.

Changing: Purpose can change as goals are met or priories and circumstances dictate it, but the change must be signified by rite, ritual, ceremony, and/or outward expressions of the cause the character would display.

Types of Higher Purpose:
Path of Righteousness When the character drops below 1 HP in an act that defends their faith or directly advances its cause, they have Advantage on the Death Saves that follow.

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