The Simple Cycle of the Gods (a story of The Firsters)

Originally written in 2012, created by Sonia Kedjii of Iceland. It chronicles a simple mythology based on the
“The Firsters” – the gods to be returned. They are likened to the Titans, a first generation of beings, simple and powerful. There is nothing noble presented… in fact, many point out the hidden within the writings
is her attempt to show how humanity, over time, attributed more noble features to these “gods”. She also seems to indicate that achieving their level of power is possible for humanity, though the many point of the text are argued endlessly by scholars. Sonia died soon after the work was written. It was smuggled out of Iceland and propagated through Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and then the Eurozone and beyond.


“Even in total emptiness, life cannot be suppressed. The all-seed of life burst forth into space-time, part of an endless cycle of death, rebirth, and life eternal.”

Time of the Firsters

“In time, the firsters evolved over countless eons. Simple they were, and powerful. Mutation after mutation, and time and age were unknown to them. The Firsters brought order – culture, a society. Then order to their environment. Their their will, worlds were formed. Clouds of gas colasced and took the shapre of their ideas, comets shattered the dreams and visions of others, and the first war happened.”

It should be noted that her mythology, when examined in detail, shared a great deal with the origins of the Faerie races in time.