Campaign Events of Ancient Futures

2012: The “Firsters” return the first time – The gods of old… Egyptian, Sumerian, German and Celtic, Aztec and Mayan, First Nation, Hindu, Chineese, Japanese, Slavic, Judiac traditions, and powerful beings under the names of Persian, Zoroaster, and other variants and cults manifest upon the earth. From the heart of the sun they fly, to alight upon various points on earth. They are attacked, and seemingly invulnerable.

2012: Awareness – The most popular cult is the Norse tradition. The World Tree becomes the most commonly understood symbol of the cosmic energies involved and the return of the First Generation of cosmic beings from earth. A Long hidden pre-history timeline is revelaed. The first version of “The Simple Cycle” is created by Sonia Kedjii.

2013: The Deathbird – The “firsters” band together, and with the most technologically advanced elements of humanity do battle with the Deathbird – to preserve their planet, species, and the dreams of millions of species.

2013: The Diaspora – After defeating the Deathbird, the Firsters begin to battle amongst themselves. Before all-out war takes place, they once again abandon their home world – this time taking billions of their “children” with them.

2014: The Quiet Age – Humans forget the return of the Firsters… though a select few remember, those that repsent the heads of their orders which serve the Firsters. The cult of the Deathbird also rises – to try and resurrect it and complete the work it begun; inevitable given humanities dark and mortal nature.

2015: – The first asteroid captured –

[Timeline of Dark Frontiers]

The Second Return of the Firsters…