Arch-Weapon of the Occult

An Occult Arch-Weapon is made from pure occult energy, shaped and molded with the very essence, mana, and personality of the maker – it is the ultimate personal expression of terrifying occult power. Only the most experienced and talented Magi can attempt to manifest such a weapon. It is imbued with the blood, soul, and experience of the crafter – an extension of themselves. Only the character who crafted it can use its powers; It vanishes when they die, but cannot be destroyed normally otherwise. If it is somehow destroyed, the sacrifices to manifest it are lost forever, though another can be made. A character can only have a single High Occult Weapon at any given time.

Form: The crafter will choose the form the weapon takes. Once set, it is unchanging.

Manifesting: The process is akin to giving birth in its intensity.