A Coven is a pact between those with Occult engagement. They share a bond of mingled Essence in order to enhance their capabilities and protect themselves. A Coven will always have an Oath that binds the members, and a stated shared goal. Lesser covens are more oriented around mutual defense and typically align with some goal which enhances the knowledge and power of the individuals. A greater coven may have a patron of Celestial, anima, a fiendish or other-wordly sponsorship; such a patron would have a mission that the coven would form and persist around. A full Code of Conduct is agreed upon by all those that are part of the Coven. The minimum number for a Coven is three. If coven members form a Lesser Coven, all the requirements for that can be used to fulfill a Greater Coven later.

Leadership: The leadership of a coven is not based on character power. The coven is formed around mutuality. The leadership position may not be even needed, or it simply be the one who organized it.

Coven Lair

A Coven may have a lair. At its basics, a Lair is a safe place for Coven members, protected through the Coven magics with minor defenses. A Lair is usually hidden away, for it can be desecrated and defiled, similar to hallowed ground. The lair will always have a protected and usually hidden Occult Cynosure – a nexus that is a physical manifestation of the coven and its binding ties.

  • Eldritch Perception: A member of the Coven can perceive with all their senses anything that happens in their lair when they are in it.

Binding Oath of the Coven:



Shared Litany of the Coven:

D20 Coven Benefits

Lesser Coven

Requirements: Occult Class of Bard, Warlock, Wizard, Sorcerer, Eldritch Knight, or Arcane Trickster; Level 3+ in primary occult class; Occult Aptitude 1 for all members; 1 Essence and 2 Mana sacrificed permanently

    Health Sense: Coven members know if another member is dead or alive, as long as they are on the same plane of existence. This requires the coven member to use their Action for three rounds (though does not break concentration on an existing spell).

  • Occult Sense: Coven members can sense when another member has an enchantment or alteration spells effects on them. This requires a coven member to use their Health Sense first, and make a DC 10 Arcana check. On a major result, the specific cantrip or spell effecting them is revealed.
  • Mana Pool: For each Mana sacrificed, the coven has a pool of Mana which can be accessed by all and returns separately.
  • 1/Day members can cast Sending to another member.
  • 1/Day a member may draw upon the senses of the coven and cast Locate Object.

Blood Oath/Bond: If all members of the Coven sacrifice 1 HP of life in a Coven Rite, they gain the power to instantly negate the effect of any power on them that would directly harm the interests or body of another coven member. Additionally, if any coven member drops below 1 HP, the others are immediately imbued with the effects of False Life (maximum effect) and may use a Misty Step or Expeditious Retreat as a Reaction to help (move closer, move to a clear line of sight, etc.) their fallen coven member.

LAIR: A space filling 10 10′ cubes per member of the Coven, dedicated in a # days = 20 – [the lowest SAN of the Coven members]. Eldritch Perception: Passive Perception of members increases by 2; Members may each cast Detect Magic up to 2 times per Short Rest. Members may cast Detect Thoughts 1 time per Short Rest (resisted with Disadvantage). Coven Rite: A ritual that requires 10 rounds of an Action with Concentration. It requires all members to participate, and generally can only be done in the lair.

Lair Powers:

  • Health Sense: Coven members know if any of the others is alive or dead, no matter what plane of existence they are on. If they are on the same plane, they can sense when another member is in pain (though not what kind of pain or its source). This requires the coven member use their Action for three rounds.
  • Cantrips: Message, Light, and Mage Hand can all be used at will in the lair as an Action or Reaction.
  • Occult Defenses: The following are in a pool of spells which can be used 1/day, and triggered by any member: Arcane Eye, Fog Cloud, Magic Mouth, Protection from Good/Evil, and Alarm.
  • Power Sharing: A member may give up a single first or second level spell slot to another member (who must be able to cast a spell of that level) by performing a Coven Rite. They may reclaim this power at any time from the lair, or by a Coven Rite from anywhere outside it.
  • Knowledge Sharing: A coven may share knowledge of a single spell, per spell level. The spell level must be one all members can cast. This is accomplished by performing a Coven Rite.

Greater Coven

Requirements: Each member must have been in the same Lesser Coven for a year (or equivalent), and permanently sacrifice 1 HP and 2 Mana.

A Greater Coven is a coven that has taken its dedication further. The sacrifices are greater, and the purpose is more narrow and clearer.

Lair Powers:

  • Health Sense: The members always know if others are alive or dead, and are aware of any Conditions (stunned, etc.) that they may be under by using their Bonus Action and focusing on them for three rounds.

High Coven

Requirements: Each founding member (min. 3) must have been in the same Greater Coven for a year (or equivalent). All other members must fulfill the Lesser Coven requirements, and their must be at least 50 members. Additionally, each member permanently sacrifices 2 Mana, reduce their maximum HP by 5, and ___

A High Coven is a greater coven that has membership exceeding 50. Such a sacrifice takes on an animus of its own.

Lair Powers:

Incarna Core Coven Benefits