Divine Reference Items

Divine practitioners most often use Adjuration (petitioning) for spells and Inscription (scrolls) Methodologies to make scribed magics. Scribed materials are accomplished in Celestine Script, and require literacy. Others are imprinted using a mix of art mediums, Runic symbols, and visual images (ornamental and abstract images, figures, shapes and colors). The latter are meant to be triggered upon glimpsing the entirety of the Inscription work and require no literacy.

The term "Reference Work" nominally refers to a Hard Copy, but if the Technology exists and is , it should be assumed a Device of some type is being used, along with appropriate Security (if a system is in place) as the medium for a portable reference work/record rather than Hard Copy. Many important reference works have a Backup (immediate or off-site) in place using the Storage Medium, Security, and Technology appropriate to the Setting as well.

SIGNIFICANT EXPERIENCE: Reference works and basic exposure alone may only provide the foundation for gaining a [mechanics based] advantage. To reflect the practice and experience to gain that benefit consistently, typically requires a cost in Character Points.

D20 Divine Reference Items

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