Rite of Endless Voices

This is a rite performed by divine followers of the Steel Realms who venerate the lord of death – Djerduth the Lord of Death, Sun Stealer, god of the Steel Realms, or Mog Creoch – The Devouring Wurm (the wurm of endless hunger). There are few followers of the death god remaining after the Lich Lords stole its power, and fewer even still who are evil enough. The followers of the Sun Stealer rarely lack the focus of self nullification, but the followers of the wurm, on the other hand, venerate the hunger that consumes all, madness, death, violence and have the malignant soul to that is corrupt enough to execute it perfectly. When sanity has finally lost the follower, they turn to their god and in a final act of self-negation they call upon all the voices inside them. To all but those who venerate Mog Creoch, the ritual is forbidden knowledge… for the followers of Mog Creoch, its part of the Shared Litany.

In preparation for this, they will have to have eaten those they killed – enemies of the faith or in service to the faith’s cause. Each death accompanied by a ritualized consumption of the flesh and/or blood of its victim. They also collect the flesh and bones of any they can find to sacrifice. Their own voice joins this chorus of victims and in an orgy of transformation and sacrifice, a monstrocity is born. This wretched thing has a mouth and eye for every victim – a Mog Mother. It is always a cacophony of voices either whispering or jabbering. Its mere presence exudes madness. Their husk of flesh then becomes a protector for the abomination, with almost no will of its own.

Everything nearby is consumed in by the madness that the abomination exudes. Carcasses, corpses, and bones animate, bats, centipedes, millipedes, and rats all transform into larger and/or twisted versions of themselves – all craving the blood and flesh of other creatures. The birth leaves behind a spreading fungus, and the pool of entropic slime from which it crawled coalesces into a gelatinous monster, eager to consume all it can. Lastly, its birth triggers a Call to Madness (per the powers of a Mog Mother).

These ‘children’ of the creature await it to return so that they may partake of the aura of madness (after the creature feeds on another victim) or, after 2 days the children attack anything that comes their way in a feeding frenzy, striking out soon after if nothing satisfies their hunger.