The Sheltering Brotherhood

This small order of “protectors” has but a single House of the Order (Rethe Valley in Fandelok) and a couple smaller way stations (Dunstrand City, Byluan Bycee, Arminsted, Mev). Unlike other orders, these are not heavily tied to a specific faith, nor a true chartered order with its ranks and titles recognized. Most are warriors and soldiers that are trained in the defensive arts as the primary emphasis of fighting. They are not known beyond the central heartlands, though they are considered excellent mid level commanders/NCO of garrisons and field units. They have a reputation as incredibly focused and straight to the point.

D20 Benefits

  • Requirement: CHA > 9, INT > 9; generally follow the credo of law and order – Background/Ideal: (Responsibility) I do what I must and obey just authority. (Lawful)
  • Scope: Trains Paladins of Lightbringers/Mizras/Celestials / Oaths of Devotion/Watchers/Ancients
  • Benefits: [Fighter only] Action Surge: Get second use at 12th level, not 17th.
    Style Focus: Protection (can be used as a Bonus Action OR a Reaction at 3rd level). Feat Focus: Sheltering Brotherhood Training: [New] A companion within reach on the same side as the shield held of the character gains an additional +1 AC (unless they are using a large or bigger shield themselves); Whenever a spell or effect pushes or pulls the character, they can choose to change/channel the force up to 90 deg, Moderately Armored strength max. = 21, proficiency in a single Martial Weapon OR shields if character has none.
    > Lore +2 for Heraldry, Geography of the central heartlands, Tactics: Small Units

Incarna Core Benefits


Knowledge broken down by ease of discovery/prominence.
If nothing is indicated, assume Common Knowledge.

Most Recent Stirrings

Early Years


Some remnants of the Patrician Knights of Aerna formed this brotherhood, retiring in solitude to defend the pass between Fandelok and Dunstrand. Three knights, led by Cassim Greybeard of the order, their squires and pages and a small retinue came south after the order was wiped out. They bought the land of a small mountain valley in the foothills on the Fandelok side of the pass. The village of Cassim that supports the home of the brotherhood still bears his name.