Equitus Helca

Steel Realms
“Monarchs Crystal”

Woken World

It is known by all that the planet itself has some form of awareness. It manifests in different ways, but commoners swear that the northern lights have a shimmering woman’s face in them, and that whispers of the bounty of the coming year can be heard in her voice.

UNKNOWN: Helca is alive because of the Equitus Crystal. It has no individual persona per se (yet), but has awareness, will and power to shelter, protect, and advance the general health of the world itself. Its desire is beyond mere survival, the awareness is untapped potential it wishes to release. Its senses extend throughout the solar system it is in. It understands that it has a significant role to play in the cosmic stage, but is seeking how best to discover and accomplish it.

Spiritus of Helca: It appears as a shimmering green woman, with blurred features. Its manifestation cannot be harmed in any way on Helca itself. Its voice is soothing and “breath” is warm – it sounds like a woman’s voice overlaid with a windchime of crystals.

Boons of Helca

Boons are granted when characters perform great actions to rid the world of corruption and taints.

Cradle of Health

D20 Cradle of Health

The character increases their healing rate over a Short Rest by 1.

Incarna Core Cradle of Health