Piglem of the Steel Realms

Steel Realms

The Pilgem of the Steel Realms are part of the Orrish Genus, and conform to the standard Crossbreed Orrish profile. They do not mix with any other Orrish or Fey bloods. They are a genetic variant that breeds true now, and have a diverse culture based more on human tribe and familial roles than Orrish.

Also called ‘Sand Raiders’. They get their name from the short, broad noses and their skin, which is like boiled leather, and protects them from the sun. They are a genetic variant of the Orrish, having bred prodigiously in the south, but not accepted by any of them.

These are the most aggressive and relentless of the dark-spawn – penetrating far into the civilized lands of the south. Although considered dark-spawn, these are the remnants of the bands of humans which sided with the dark lord in the wars before the sun bane. Gradually they were either bred into the Orrish, or exterminated – for after the sun bane they hated the Orrish races and were enemies of the light dwellers too. All Piglem have the taint of Orrish blood; though 90% of all births result in Piglem, 9% result on goblin and 1% in other – all non Piglem are typically killed unless they can pass themselves off as human. After the Sundering, the remainders fled into the wastes of the south, the Broken Lands and Dune Sea – eking out an existence where none thought it possible. They are loners, and never travel in more than extended family sized groups. They actually bury themselves by day, moving from place to place in heavy robes and hide covers. By night, they dig themselves out and raid anything nearby. Unlike most dark-spawn, they do not use structures, caves or other normal places of refuge from the sun – the desert and steppe is well suited to their ways. They are often found with the Spiders of Go-Zen, bred to only tolerate their family group, as their day time protectors.


[Pilgem follow the Goblin character template] they are Medium sized however, and gain their full Essence rating in delaying the worst effects of the Sun-Bane.