Ork of the Steel Realms

Steel Realms

The Orks of the Steel Realms are part of the Orrish Genus, and conform to the standard Ork profile. Their main species competitors, the Hobgoblins, have been wiped out by them. They are the apex the Orrish races in the Steel Realms.

Desire to Enslave: The Ork is the perfect predator physically in the realms. Their might is terrifying. They live for killing and power. They have killed every other species allying themselves with the Lords of Darkness that would not bow to their power. Hobgoblins and other creatures have been completely obliterated. Even the mighty ogres are thralls of the Orks – those that evince too much resistance to their bondage are simply killed. Were it not for base and savage culture of the Orks, hyper competitive for breeding and ruling rights, they may well rule the realms.