Omsara – The Steel Souled

Steel Realms
Steel Realms - Dunstrand Rising (A Living World Campaign)

Omsara is the named of the effect that many being born in the Steel Realms are experiencing.


Knowledge broken down by ease of discovery/prominence.

Common Knowledge

Around CY 9160 (as best as scholars can tell) there began to appear a strange phenomenon in the Steel Realms. Some of those born in the Steel Realms – including Nakria – remembered a portion of their births. They all shared an element in common – a place named Omsara. It was a name that they just intuitively knew. The memory was a glimpse, a flash, but like a ringing hammerblow next to your ear, they were not able to unsee this vision.

Those with this are being referred to as “Steel Souled”. Some use “awakened” or other more illustrious terms, but universally it is understood what Steel Souled means. It is showing up in liturgies all around the realms as a “cloud of souls” or “soul cloud” where the steel blooded are bound in birth to the very land itself.

Uncommon Knowledge

For the Lightbringers, it was a mote of purest white light, humming with sound. For the followers of Darkness it was a pool of blackest night, cool, deep and with the resonance of a tomb in which the screams of dying enemies echoed forever. For the Wyld faith, it was a the heart of a storm, a place of infinite sky where the wind buoyed and buffeted with massive force, but ever so gently. In still more a tunnel of ice reflecting endless colors, a volcano, the nest of a giant bird, an endless web humming with plucked strands. A rime shore with a mist like cold pillows.

A place of safety in all cases, of infinite proportions and in which they fell or or would float endlessly in a cloud like place before the safety of the womb was left. Each one was like a doorway or portal for their kind. They all seemed to have the safety of the womb, and felt embraced and enclosed in the same way – as if in a navel of the world.

Those born of this are stronger and tougher. It is unknown what the possible side effects may be, or its source.

Rare Knowledge

But the Tear Gift of Ezrilius is not present in them either (can only breed true).

There are quests to find it, as if it were a physical place.

Secret Knowledge