Aaro Anseraat (Character)

Class: Fighter (Eldritch Knight) 4th
HP = 10,4,7,8 = 29 + 12 = 41
AC = [mage armor + dex or studded Leather +1]
Background: Urchin


Strength 12
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 12
Dexterity 18
Constitution 16
Charisma 11
Sanity 10


BONUS: +2 @ 4th level
Skills: Sleight of Hand, Stealth, Perception, Acrobatics
Tools: Disguise kit, thieves’ tools
Armor: All armor, All shields
Weapons: All except improvised
Combat Style: Archery (+2 with ranged weapons)


Feat: Sharp Shooter
Bonded Weapons: Long bow, Rapier (finesse weapon)
Feature: City Secrets – You know the secret patterns and flow to cities and can find passages through the urban sprawl that others would miss.
When you are not in combat, you (and companions you lead) can travel between any two locations in the city twice as fast as your speed would normally allow.
Mystic Projection (uses 1st level spell slot and lasts 3 rounds; usable 1/short rest) – The character can use their bow or non thrown weapon 1/turn to project a 1st level ranged spell effect (magic missile, ray of sickness, etc.) as if it were a munition of the weapon. The power increases the effective level of the spell by 1. Cannot wear more than medium armor.
= Replaces Second Wind


Armor: Studded Leather (+1, ragged – looks tough, like a down and out mercenaries; has 3 polished buttons left that give it fire resistance for 1 hour)
Weapon: Dagger (worn) + Bonded (kept in room usually; Long bow, Rapier)
Mount: Riding Horse (“Wiles”) – tack, harness, saddle, saddle bags
Kits: Disguise (saddle bag)
Tools: Thief’s


Spells: Mage Armor


Human, male, right handed, 5’9″, 146#, pale skinned, blue eyes, light brown hair
Alignment: Chaotic Good
GOD = Worships Artemis, goddess of the hunt, the moon, and archery.
Origin Location: Portent Downs
PERSONALITY Trait: I hide scraps of food and trinkets away in my pockets. The fear of never knowing where my next meal is coming from is still ingrained.
IDEAL: Aspiration. I’m going to prove that I’m worthy of a better life.
BOND: I owe a debt I can never repay to the person who took pity on me (Billblotz)
FLAW: I’d rather kill someone in their sleep than fight fair.


Aaro grew up in the mean streets of Portent Downs. He became a well known fixture among the beggars and accomplished pick pockets.
At the age of 14, on a dare, he stole a ride on the wagon of the wizard Billblotz. He ended up inside his enclosed compound. No one saw Aaro for 7 years, until he reappeared from the compound. He has gone on to hire himself as a mercenary troubleshooter locally. He made a local name for himself when defending a steading against hill giants that came raiding one winter. He’s also seemed to remain friends with the enigmatic Billblotz – who has provided him guidance in his pathway as an eldritch knight. Aaro likes to keep his past a mystery.

Building the Character

I had an interesting idea i’ve not been able to try. The party needs some stealth/real thief powers. It also needs a switch fighter – someone good at range and in close if need be.

Basically the idea is that they are a forward ranging character for stealth and trap detection.
Instead of backstab, uses the sharpshooter feat to get bonus to damage with all attacks (not quite as good as full rogue). When not steal/ambushing, they can operate in the back using a bow, unlock locks, and have misc spells for some backup. As a front line fighter, use dexterity for finesse.

Being able to summon and dismiss as a bonus action the bonded weapons means they can be doing thief stuff and instantly have weapons if needed. It also is a good disguise – not having to carry weapons means better disguises as peasants dont usually have them. But you can summon instantly if needed.