Maze of Madness

World of Ph’yrin Tys!

We gain a new party member. He is a Drow Eldritch knight named Kemlaech Witherneed. He stumbles into camp, hoping to find help in getting out of this world.

As we arise from our rest, the wind picks up and the branches start to move. From above us, a harpy comes at us out of the tree. She is singing her siren song, which Balder succumbs to.
Meena takes a shot and hits her.
Balder is lulled and watches the harpy fly around.
Talia shoots with her bow and hits it.
Dray shoots with a Firebolt spell, hitting her.
Kemlaech casts Chill Touch, but it misses.
The harpy attacks Meena, hitting her.
Meena shoots her again and kills her.
Kemlaech says, “I come in peace”. “I’m just trying to find my way out of this place. I’ve been here longer than you have been alive. My sword and spells are yours if I can go with you”.
We agree to let him accompany us and help us find the way out.
We feel vertigo again and make our way through another brush tunnel to another chamber. We are attacked by 4 awakened shrub, an awakened tree and a nothic.
Meena shoots at the nothic, but misses.
Drayfala casts Firebolt, but misses.
Balder attacks the tree with his axe. He hits it, chopping it.
The nothic attacks Talia, but misses.
Talia shoots at the Nothic, hitting it.
One of the shrubs attacks Talia, hitting her.
Two shrubs attack Meena, but misses.
The tree attacks Balder slamming him.
Kemlaech casts Poison Spray on a shrub. It withers, but is still alive.
A Homunculus attacks Kemlaech, hitting him. A vine whips out and wraps itself around him and starts to pull him towards the wall.
Meena attacks the shrubs around her. She destroys one and it explodes into slime. Her movement is slowed by 5 feet. Her second attack hit another shrub.
Balder attacks the tree hitting it. She takes an action surge, hitting it again.
The Nothic attacks Drayfala, but misses.
Talia hits a shrub with her bow.
The shrubs hit Meena for 1.
The tree misses.
Kemlaech takes out his sword and cuts the vine that is pulling him. It doesn’t quite cut it all the way through. It does more damage to him and drags him 10 feet closer to the wall.
The Homunclulus enlarges a spider and it attacks Drayfala, hitting him. It restrains him, but he breaks out.
Meena attacks the giant spider, hitting it twice.
Drayfala casts Cure Wounds on Balder for 17 pts.
Balder hits the tree again.
Meena feels necrosis come upon her. The breath seems to be flowing out of her. (9 pts)
Talia hits the Nothic.
The spider attacks Talia, missing her.
The shrubs miss Meena, the tree misses Balder.
Kemlaech attacks the vine with his sword, cutting himself loose. Then he casts poison spray, but it does nothing against the briar wall.
The area is suddenly dark.
Meena attacks the spider but misses both attacks.
The Spider and shrubs miss their attacks.
The tree hits Balder.
Something bites Kemlaech on the leg, poisoning him for 1 minute.
Meena misses her attacks.
Drayfala hits the Nothic with a Firebolt.
Balder misses her attack on the tree.
The Nothic attacks Kemlaech, hitting him and he drops.
Talia attacks the Nothic, hitting it.
The spider misses Meena.
The shrubs and the tree miss.
Kemlaech makes his death save.
Meena misses her attacks.
Drayfala attacks the Nothic, missing it.
Balder attacks the tree but misses.
The Nothic attacks Talia, causing necrotic damage.
Talia misses the Nothic.
The spider is attacked by the spider, she retaliates with Hellish Rebuke taking the spider down.
Drayfala is caught by a vine and pulled toward the wall.
Meena cures herself 3 points.
Dreyfala misses his attack on the Nothic.
Balder misses the tree.
Talia is attacked by the Nothic, but it misses.
Talia attacks the Nothic, hitting it for 1.
The shrubs and tree miss.
Kem fails his death throw.
Meena cures herself for 9.
Drayfala tries attacking the vine.
Balder finally kills the tree.
The Nothic misses Talia.
Talia misses the Nothic.
The shrub hits Meena for 1.
Kemlaech is 2 & 2 on his death saves.
Meena destroys one shrub and loses another 5 feet of movement. She misses her second attack.
Drayfala attacks the vine with a Firebolt, cutting it.
Balder attacks the Nothic, killing it. The darkness disappears.
The homunculus scampers into the briar.
Talia goes to Kemlaech and gives him a healing potion.
The last shrub is destroyed.

We decide to take a long rest. Drayfala takes the first watch. While watching, a noose falls on Drayfala’s shoulder. It is not attached to anything. He burns it with Firebolt. We continue our rest and are back to health.

We continue on and are in the next area and attacked by a giant wasp, a giant spider, and a giant centipede. We can see a door. We run for it and make it into the next chamber.
We feel we are falling again. We find ourselves looking at a wall of hedges and briars. There are two holes in the hedge. Drayfala tries Flamestrike on the briars, burning some. A vine lashes out but misses him.
Drayfala hears muffled laughter, but no one else does. There is a maze in front of us.
Meena and Kemlaech attempt to figure out the maze and loose Sanity points.
Drayfala walks toward the entrance of the maze. Nothing happens to him and we all follow him.
The path leads to an open garden with 8 paths leading out. We make a pile of pebbles beside the path we came in from.
We try the first door on the right. It winds around and ends up back in the main room. Some of us loose more sanity.
Drayfala casts Lesser Restoration on Kemlaech, restoring half his sanity.
Drayfala casts Bless on Kemlaech. He goes down the next tunnel and finds nothing.
Then the next one has nothing.
The next goes farther with an opening to his right that keeps going. The walls seem alive.
We all go into that tunnel. All but Talia make their Sanity checks.
We go on another 30 seconds. It curves to the right and branches to the right again. We decide to go straight. Talia and Kem take more Sanity damage.
Meena feels we have been here before. We go back to the original point where the trail went to the right. We are at a landing. There are three choices straight ahead and one path down. We decide to go down.
Drayfala casts Lesser Restoration on Meena and heals her Sanity back to normal.
We go down through a hedge tunnel. It is dark and moist. It continues for a while.
After curving around we come to a T. We decide to take the left. All but Kem make our Sanity check.
We twist and turn again and come to another T. We go to the Right this time.
We come to a curve where we can go to another T or go straight. We decide to go straight.
Drayfala casts Lesser Restoration on himself.
We go back to the T and take a left.
We come to a point where we go straight. There is no sanity check. WE go right again. We realize we have been here before. We continue without a Sanity check. We go a long curving route, but no sanity check.
It is dark, so Kem casts Dancing Lights. The lights move away and sputter out. Kem says there’s something ahead.
But we don’t run into anything as we curve around. We see light ahead. We come out of the tunnels out of the maze. We see the same fay woman that asked us for our help before and we find ourselves out of the Feywild and back to the circle of stones.
Drayfala sees the Humuclulus running into the forest and blasts him with a Firebolt. He dies.
Kemlaech tells us he has forsworn the Underdarkness and would like to join our party and our mission.
The Humuculus turns into a corrupt High Elf when he dies. Drayfala tries to consecrate him. The curse lifts.
His cloak and a ring is magic. 2000 GP in jewelry. The cloak radiates transmutation magic (cloak of the bat). The ring is a ring of Jumping. Drayfala receives 2 Bless spells.
Drayfala can send a message to the Elven Council. We will continue to the Council.