Druid of Ben (Character)


The Druid is actually an exile from the Lonely Road region. As a half elf, he was an outcast at an early age and only survived death in the woods when they were found by a hunting party of Pine Tribesmen of the Boar Tribe on the night of a full moon. Normally they would have killed him, but the full moon was an omen to them, and he was adopted. Three years later he was taken to “Green Bowl Rock”, where the Druids and them meet to discuss events of the last years in the forest, and for the Order of Davros to test a few young of the tribe for druidic talent. The druids ignored all others and sought him out. After many years of training he was allowed to begin to interact with the locals of the vale. He fell in love with Aelena – a widower who ran a caravanserai on the edge of Lonely Rode in the north of the vale. He left his order to be with her, and the next year she was killed by the flu. He is not welcome among the formal ranks of his order any more – they would not take him back. He continues the druid way – strenuously safeguarding the boundaries of civilization, on the lookout for aberrations. He now watches diligently to ensure logging in the north of the vale sticks to the treaties and agreements made. He is known to walk with travelers between villages, and to heal wounded animals in outlying farms. He questions whether he will return to much contact with ‘humanity’… The days were growing long and he began to feel like he had lost his way – that the earth mother had not greater purpose for him. That’s when he by chance came upon a young warrior traveling alone on the path to the Lonely Road. He was singing to himself, and could not possibly know what he was doing out here… but it was a spring song of Ezrilus that got his attention. Not his formal divine masters, but a goddess of fertility in her own right. He approached the young man and nearly scared him to death… though something felt odd about the encounter. After only knowing him briefly, he launched into a fantastic story of how the goddess of the moon – Ezrilus – had appeared to him in a vision. The warrior was seeking his fortune and fame, come from far to the east and was searching deep in the heart of the forest. She had led him along the path for hundreds of miles to this very spot, and the night before shown him a vision of the moon over a tower. When he described the tower in detail, the druid claimed that it was the tower of of the Viscount in Correl. The warrior believed then that that is where they were meant to go – that somehow their destinies were tied together. The druid seemed to need to hear this, and he laid his story of lost love at the ranger’s feet. Together they traveled to Correl. The warrior also told him of something he kept seeing in his dreams, and proceeded to describe the crest worn by the adventurer MayBug. Even the druid had heard of MayBug the elven magus – he had been a fixture in these parts for nearly a decade. By all reckoning and if the rumors were true, he would be a good person to have on their side – but he was typically merely a ‘for-hire’ sort. The warrior convinced him to pitch the idea of forming a group, equals, and see what MayBug said. They arranged a meeting and MayBug did not disappoint. Dressed in garish colors and regalia, he was anything but intimidating. Sort of a bookish type, but given the rumors… it had to be merely a ruse. MayBug agreed, but seemed hesitant. MayBug said if he could gather his pick, and if they would join, then he too would join. It would take a couple weeks to put all his affairs in order, and work on recruiting his ‘victims’ as he called them. They all agreed to meet back at the Three Jacks Inn in Correl on the appointed date at noon. There was just enough coin to get them through a few more weeks. After 10 days came word from MayBug that the first recruit was in – a local rake named Reynald; an ‘independent’ thief (to not mince words). After 2 more days word of the final recruit – a man named Chaz; a somewhat famous member of the north watch in Correl. A day before the appointed meeting, the warrior confessed to the druid that his father was one of the High King’s Rangers, and that he had been taught many of the ways of the rangers. The druid felt at long last, this might be his calling – for who had not heard of the many legends of the pairs – Ranger and Druid, saving towns, villages, and cities from evils and monsters. Even if he was not a true ranger, perhaps, under a druid’s guidance, he could become one… all feels like it’s falling into place.

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