Meargensdale Vale Adventures (Campaign Record)

10/2016; GM: Steven Grenier

Narrator: Gaevana (Kelly Berger)
< Journal of Gaevana >

The Heart of Vale of Meargensdale
For years ive spent working… bringing my reputation up under a clever disguise. Its exhausting remembering to cast the cantrips each hour that keep my real identity hidden. Ive assembled a team that includes Reynald – a rogue, and Chaz, a member of the Watch of Correl, to assist the druid and ranger that have sought me out.

The druid is an exile from his order, and i can see why. The ranger has been sent here… it feels like they are trying to give him a chance, he talks little and may not be suited for the role of ranger, but they are obviously giving him a chance to prove himself.

Chaz watches our goods and rooms for now – this is his core mission, to keep our base safe.

No sooner had we assembkled a tema, than trouble came looking for us.

2 Weeks of problems; all directions eventually encountered raiders.
No bodies = common!
Merchants gone missing
Mercenaries hired and promised to send word back; nothing
Individuals can leave; come and go as they please – can merchants?
Merchants not able to leave town; neither peddlers or carpetbaggers
Trade has declined to no one on the roads
Mayor is invested in trade guild – gave us bag of 40
We convinced him to put officials of Correl up for the night at Iron Forge
Secretary gave us a writ; filled in “The bearer has done what they have done for the good of the state; they are exempt from prosecution in the pursuit of the town’s interest. “
I ensure we have enough mayoral writs to get the job done.

Crackle – Merchants. Big Scar – “In charge” – looks like he can handle himself.
Iron Forge is full of merchants and peddlers not able to leave town

Hellsky Brotherhood = thats US!
We’ve come to help; “Other plan was suicide”

First night in town, old codger get allies and tries to leave in force
Natural 20 decipher apprentice spell book

Cloaks = symbol/identifier (black, silver thread)

Dates and times, goods, people killed or captive
Found proof of information fed from the town/dates and times
> kept the tax goods, trashed the rest
Hidden proof being ordered from outside to raid (distinctive handwriting)

Well, I have obvious suspicion. It could also be that hes being framed by his brother as they are both tying to become the next viscount. I tend to play it safe. As a Drow, if I get found out, the humans are not likely to do much as they are not familiar with the Fey-Born like me, but the elves and half elves of the party may try and kill me. So, I keep a low profile for now. I doubt the priest of war cares much, but the Druid and ranger, having had me right under their noses, may take grave offense and try and kill me for sure. I need to build some trust or collateral for not killing me.

In fact, just to mess things up, I would “find” a crumpled note and deliver it to him… addressed to Crackle saying that “Crackle – All events are proceeding as planned. You would do well to remember your true allies… (and put some nonsense symbol as a signature to confuse readers)” – I would have Reynald deliver it to the brother that is in town, crumpled and burned around it (but legible) and say that the Hellsky Brotherhood sends its regards… that we believe this may be something he would be interested in.

Its nothing more than an attempt to sew confusion. I dont even know what it will do. All i know is i dont know enough and i need someone else to make moves so i can collect information – and i am hoping this causes someone to show their hand.

Maybug Journal – The Ravens Beak Shows its Hand
Crackle I find selling off all his goods, he is determined for some obviously drastic action.

We intervene and offer Crackle a job… he seems like the kind we could really use on our side. He is confused, and determined in his path – to get revenge it seems. Somehow, he got mixed up in all this through some group known as Ravens Beak. They are going to come after him perhaps, and he is thinking of a revenge strike. He seems bent on giving up everything he has to make this happen. He asks us to follow him, and we go out of town to a gnarled tree.

Blood Bound Box
Restores his totemic tribal powers

Assault on club
Try the back alley
Go in through the front
Crackle is out of the club – we find out the hard way
Close up the fake shop
Get beyond the lower area guard
Chaos in the club
The bartender wanrs the others
Rob ’em and herd ’em
Charge down the stairs
The business room and beyond
Assault on the barricade + the wizard is killed
> Darkness, Faerie Fire
The Store room and Cells
We find a new group member and free the exotic sex-slaves
> There was a elf and half elf… i hope they were not focused enough to notice the glyph of condemnation.
We gather up…

Our new ally is Crackle, a totem barbarian with a no memory do to a war injury due to his solider days. The party has also gained a enemy due to the adventure in gaining Crackle in a unorthodox method in gaining his trust. He had to burn down his relationships.
As well as a new addition of an unnamed Monk (Rocky) found in the cells in the store room at the ravens beak operation. Who made a “bad investment” took a loan from Raven Beak and lost all of it in gabbling.

While the party may not know exactly if Ravens Beak is a enemy of the party it’s assumed with the tactical and surprise ransacking/destruction of one of their operations and the killing of its members that we are.

The party leaves town under the cover of night and during large celebration held in their honor of saving the town. No one of the town notices the disappearance act until the following morning. An a other day to know they are gone from town completely. The party takes two weeks to heal hide and recover.

Death of our Druid and Ranger’s Arrest

After about a week of hiding out in the countryside the party hasn’t seen anyone, or heard from anyone. Time has kinda slowed down as much of the time is spent resting hanging out and getting to know the new members. The day passes as all the rest have dinner comes and goes. Night time comes around and watches are set up not much happens. Until about 2am when the fog has crept into the camp and bringing with them 3 high kings rangers just as silent as the fog. No one knows until it’s to late. Party is woken up and they already have the party’s “Strange Ranger”. One High king ranger says “We have no issues with you lot. We are under orders to bring him back under suspicion of impersonation of a High Kings Ranger. You either can let us have him or be involved with assisting the impersonation.” The party all know better than to make enemies of High Kings Rangers. Except for the Druid. The Druid begins casting ancient druid spells while facing the ranger holding the party’s captured member. While mid cast four arrows fires by the two other ranger drop him. As the Druid slumps lifeless to the ground. “Anyone else want to act out?” From the blank stares back the Ranger accepts that as a answer. Pulls out a wanted poster and a bag of coins and tosses them at Maybugs feet. “Thank you for your apprehension of the Druid we have been looking for also that is his bounty paid in full” With that the Ranger take the two members and leave as silently as they came in.

Meargensdale Family Changes

Talk hasn’t reached the party as they are out in a remote location far from civilization. It wont for another week. The Tallstags house in the capital city was burned to the ground and “the golden boy” was seen left fleeing the capital. Multiple we killed people and injured. As well as several in a critical state.