Mervovin (Humanoid)

In the iVerse, the Merovin are part of the humanoid Faybrin genus. Like all of the original and oldest races of the cosmos, they are hearty, primitive and adaptive to a high degree. Merovin are the emergent result of primitive Faybrin and Beastial genus brought together. Their origins are a cosmic mystery – their emergence is not consistent from one world to another.

The Merovin were originally Faelen (Human) stock. They are able to transform themselves between beast and human shape. Merovin are considered a strain of Faelen, but their appearance within any given setting, world or system seems to be inconsistent and spontaneous. Generally, the more primitive the development of the Faelen, the more likely it is to evince itself. Merovin do not see themselves as a species branch unto themselves – they identify individually either more with their beast side in clan, pack, pride, etc. or human by nation or territory, clan, tribe, etc.

General Characteristics

Human Origins: Merovin grow up among their human culture and develop as a Human, they do not gain the human species profile traits by default. Merovin have 2 optional origins (setting dependent), which generally limit their class options but provide different direction and flavor. Otherwise, they gain a CONSTITUTION bonus of +1.

Essence: Merovin start with an amount of Essence less than normal equal to their starting Beast Sparks.

Affinity: Merovin always possess a Kinetic Affinity. They are tied to the physical world of survivor predators.

Beast Spark

Merovin possess a mutated Beast Spark that alters their physiology. It is what gives them their shape-changing powers and hard-wires some of their behavior.

  • Chaotic Alignment:
  • Movement: 35
  • Darkvision in all forms but human.
  • Changing Forms: A Merovin shifts into a chosen beast form (chosen at character creation) of any normal beast. Unlike Druids or some other shape shifters, it does not heal any damage – wounds are carried between forms. They hay have other forms depending on the power of the Merovin blood in them, reflected in the Sparks they have evinced within themselves and the extent of the setting’s allowance. A Merovin can shape shift to any form of 3 Sparks or less as a Normal Action in a single round, otherwise it take a number of rounds equal to (the # of Sparks for the form) – 2. Shape change is progressive from beast to human and vice-versa; i.e. to get to full beast from full human, it goes through the humanoid beast form. The humanoid beast form is the transitory form for all other forms.

    Full Human: [1 Spark]

    Full Beast: [2 sparks] This is the setting normal size, shape and appearance for the chosen beast.

    Humanoid Beast: [3 sparks]

    Dire Humanoid: [4 sparks]

    Dire Beast: [5 sparks]

Optional Origins

Merovin characters can give up their human emphasis and focus on the more primordial nature of their Deep Origins. They forgo the more developed and civilized classes and draw upon their elemental nature.

Feral Origins

  • Ability Adjustments: +2 Sanity, +1 Charisma, -2 Intelligence
  • Skills: +2 on Perception checks & Advantage on primary PER sense of beast shape even in humanoid forms
  • Backgrounds: Limited to
  • Alignment Restrictions: Must have Neutral or Chaotic aspect
  • Class: Excludes Battle Master for Fighter, Cleric, Sorcerer, Wizard

Elemental Origins

  • Ability Adjustments: +2 Sanity
  • Skills: +2 on Perception checks even in humanoid form
  • Backgrounds: Limited to
  • Alignment Restrictions: Cannot be unaligned, or have a Neutral aspect other than Chaotic Neutral
  • Class: Limited to: Barbarian, Fighter, Rogue, Druid, Warlock
  • elemental Demise: Per one of the Genie races – the player chooses.


Merovin traits are not universal; not all are available in the settings where Merovin are found.

Natural Shifter: [1 Essence] The character shifts using Bonus Actions, not Normal Actions.