Sex, Love, Marriage and Relationships in the Realms

Steel Realms
These topics all have a healthy and modern outlook in most of the realms. Few religions express much in the way of specifics (except the Lightbringers), instead focusing on the additions to a union which would make it more sanctified and a ‘perfect’ one in the eyes of the faith. In matters of relationships, women have nearly as many of the same rites as men. Poligamy and polyamory are openly practiced in some places (by both genders). Women have the right to dissolve marital unions, and are entitled to support (though in effect get usually less than they need). In Elven society, women have even more rights and are in absolute control of their bodies – it is inviolate.

Ezrilus caused the flower of life to bloom in all creatures, no mater the mating between species. And bloom it did, unending, with unintended results. Nearly ever act of heterosexual sex without contraception produces an offspring. Being barren is nearly unheard of.

There is no superstitious nonesense around ‘the miracle of life’ – every day life is shown to be cheap and its flame easily extinguished. It takes so little effort to create a life, that women had to be granted more control over birth control, abortion, and birth practices.