Ox-Birch Cut

Steel Realms

The area is the main east-west passage from the Kaaldian territories of the hinterlands to the free folk lands and the city of Thurlow on the coast. It was once a vast birch forest that has been cut down long ago and is now tundra and some tiaga. There is a vast amount of trade moving through the area. In the spring and summer it is especially busy – guards and mercenaries are plentiful and many goods are flowing. Spring brings flooding, which is the greatest danger of the season. In the fall and winter it is dangerous – the cold and sleet kills many. Trade is sparse but very lucrative. Few brave the passage north without great monetary offering. The Prowl Packs of the Lich Lords also roam the area in winter.

Kaald and the North

North Drift

On the north side of Ox Birch Cut is a set of mountain valleys and the holdfasts of the Granite Blood peoples – ancient Pine Tribe blood that settled the area and cull the herds of the Stoychev Fields (home of the famous “Winter Ponies”). The hold-fasts are created out of the jutting rock hills in the middle of the open plains – they are places of refuge in the winter for men and horse alike. Each has a clean water cistern and large common caverns. The Granite Blood tribe are mostly nomadic, but their warriors watch over the hold-fasts and at the peak of winter, for a month, the peoples take refuge. They cull the herds of wild horses in Ox Birch Cut on the southern edge of Kalascor and Frostshine – the elven kingdom in the north.

South Drift

South Drift is a collection of towers and fortified towns on the south side of the Ox Birch Cut pass in the northlands.


Knowledge broken down by ease of discovery/prominence.

If nothing is indicated, assume Common Knowledge.

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