Bellvins Brace

Steel Realms
Bellvins Brace was formed in the Barony of Fandelok in 9042. Their number was 3 dozen to start with, but the company gradually saw a long decline.


Knowledge broken down by ease of discovery/prominence.
If nothing is indicated, assume Common Knowledge.

Most Recent Stirrings

The company found a home guarding the Umbakian border during the civil war of Bar-Innis in the 9100’s. All thats left afterward are a few grizzled veterans – half a dozen were killed in a lumber run where Umbak raided into Loamwold to harvest some large trees in a ship building operation. Only a half dozen remains of the band after that.

Early Years

The company took whatever jobs they could, around the central heartlands.


Gary Bellvin put together a band of mercenaries from mustered out soldiers of the Merchant Cities in 9042. Their first action was in Fandelok – where there was a rising violence growing between the Green Church and Lightbringers.