Notable Places of the Ducateon of the Steel Realms

Steel Realms



This is what the rest of the world sees. The physical presence of a Ducateon holt that manifest above ground – like the tip of an iceberg.


Not a true Holt of Ducateon presence; very rare – usually diplomatic places, trade posts, etc and the like – though still part of the collective. The entrance to a Rhenclave seems to pull light and sound into it – so that standing at its entrance it is quiet and dim.

Resonance Chamber

This is a place said to be able to send word to any settlements of their kind anywhere in the world. Must have at least one character who can sing, or pay for a Ducateon speaker.

  • No light – magical light is destroyed – breaking it up into patches and sizzling like effects as it sputters out in 1 round as vibrations deal 2 Psychic damage to the caster. Natural sunlight or fire sources (lamp, torches) remains lit but is halved in its area of effect.
  • Heavy wind – Clouds of gas, smoke, etc sinks to the bottom of foot or so of passages in 1 round – it is rough on the voice and eyes for non Ducateon and so is suppressed from the upper reaches of the passages. Any magical gases conjured by spell deal 2 Psychic damage to the caster. The area is generally cleared in 5 rounds – the gas is pushed uphill and out of the caverns (a breeze can be felt by most creatures (Perception DC 7) and is any easy way to find a way out.

The Spire Tooth Caverns