Morphoerastlynn’s Dream Scattering

Morphoerastlynn’s Dream Scattering is after referred to as the “Third Age of Dragons“. Morphoerastlynn was a dragon of immense power – never has there been seen since one who commands the power of dreams and the Dreamwyld so strongly as this dragon. His description seems to vary by account, perhaps he had no true form so great was his power, but he is often described and a chromatic blend of colors with an ethereal presence, like a rainbow in a mist.

In 7800, when the Chaos Storm killed dozens of dragon while they slept, one dragon awoke to try and save them. It is said that their dreams he managed to preserve, and the Sleep of Ancients will go on forever for those that were killed. There where no lands where there was no evidence though of the chaos storm. When the last of the anger had died from the dragons in 7825 and the great sleep began again, the dragon mage woke the last of the ancient fire breathers – Takremaendys. The god-like dragon uncurled and took flight one final time and flew west. The smouldering isle of Forlad, one the few places of landfall thousands of miles across the sea was landfall for the dragons. Takremaendys brought forth the land long submerged. The dragon mage funneled power from the Chaos Storm and up rose the lands of Greatmaed and the “New West”. A land birthed in the dreams of dragon, in divine power, in ancient knowledge and with the energy beyond the world. Into the land did the dragon-mage scatter the dreams of the great dragons. They roam the reaches of it with no reminder of their demise, and so are immortal in their current state. Greatmaed is a land where the borders of worlds are often thin.

Relevant History

  • CY 8441; Mass migration from the east to the New West. The dream scatterings are discerned and a great effort is made to relearn lost magics to control and corral the dream dragons and their dream “offspring” in Greatmaed.
  • CY 8370; Kingdom of Sayvalod founded in the “New West” with the blessings of the High King from the Steel Realms and the Elves/Arfenon of Ynth.
  • CY 8004; First “Kingdom” of Forlad established. It does not last long.
  • CY 7971; An adventurous noble of Gwinn from the ancient family of Fourlaud attempts to replicate his ancestors crossing and succeeds.
  • CY 4509; The “Isle” of Forlad was discovered.